Cancer Research

Cancer Research

HWI Cancer Research Group non-profit

Health and Wellness Institute Cancer Research Group was formed at the urging of countless patients and their family members to get a non-profit research work started. The reason being that these patients had experienced extraordinary outcomes in the late stages of cancer from the treatment offered at our clinic.

When our clinic doors opened 15 years ago cancer and unusually complicated illnesses were the focus of our patient population. I have thought very seriously about cancer and the development of treatment strategies that would offer quality and quantity of life, with the hope of a curative response.

Since opening our clinic 15 years ago we have had well over 50,000 patient visits of which well over 2,000 of these patient visits are cancer related. My passion as founder and medical director is to continue to develop individual treatment strategies that will enhance each patient’s ability to fight and win the cancer battle. My vision for this work is to labor to develop the most promising cutting edge treatment approaches in cancer and attain greater numbers of cancer free survivors.

After 12 years of working on the development of individualized cancer treatment, which includes the harvesting of essential elements of the immune system and its cancer fighting properties, I believe we are focused on the best strategy to reach a cancer-free outcome.

I invite you to assist us with the development of these cancer fighting strategies by supporting our research at HWI Cancer Research Group, where medical science and integrative treatment are blended to reach the cure.


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