Same Clinic, New Location!

Same Clinic, New Location!

The Health and Wellness Institute is on the move both physically and in the advancement of treatment therapies. As many of you know we were busting at the seams at our clinic in Mountlake Terrace and change was necessary in order to effectively serve our patients. We have officially moved to our state of the art building in Bothell and our doors are now open for service.

For those who have never experienced our unparalleled staff and services, we invite you to come and experience the best in Naturopathic medicine at Health and Wellness Institute.

What you can expect

Upon arrival:

You may feel like you’ve been whisked away to a spa retreat with the soothing earth tones and natural elements until you check-in with the receptionist and remember you are here for a medical appointment. Although the friendly greeting of the receptionist will assure you that you can expect to be treated as a person and not a disease or another number in the waiting room. With all the front room space you can speak to the receptionist with ease, not having to worry about your privacy being invaded. You will also find comfortable leather couches awaiting your relaxation offering plenty of personal space and of course magazines galore! To answer the yet lingering question on your mind, yes there is a restroom in the waiting room as well as inside the treatment area.

During your appointment:

Once you are in the one of three exam rooms, you can gaze peacefully out the floor to ceiling windows to beautiful greenery that is anything like usual treatment rooms that are small, sterile and rely solely on artificial lighting. For blood draws there is a separate room specifically designated for that purpose, no multi-purpose rooms! You may want to have an Intravenous Nutritional Therapy session each appointment after experiencing the lap of luxury, quite literally, as you are seated in Stressless – Pure Luxury chairs by Ekornes!

After your appointment:

Health for a lifetime is the goal at Health and Wellness Institute, not health until your next appointment, that’s why we have a full service pharmacy on site to make your health journey as convenient as possible. To make your appointment complete we are adding a juice bar that will be complete with tasty treats that won’t undue your doctor’s orders! We want to enable you in every way possible to live a life of optimal health!

Our Passion

Our goal is that every patient would experience optimal health. This requires that we have the tools and the research to empower every patient with cutting-edge solutions. Technology such as top of the line ultrasound machines and a vented mixing station for nutritional therapies is just some of the tools that we have upgraded with the hope of providing results with precision and efficiency.

We also have a laboratory space dedicated to individualized immunotherapeutic cancer research and development. HWIFC Cancer Research Group is a not-for-profit research organization that formed in 2007 as a result of a growing desire to understand the root of cancer.

We are developing individual treatment strategies that will enhance each patient’s ability to fight and win the cancer battle; effectively blending medical science and integrative treatment to reach the cure.

We are researching the medicine of tomorrow so that we can empower you to live healthy today.

Our Location

Our new location is on the Bothell/Everett Highway near Thrasher’s Corner. We do not have our company sign up yet, but you can easily spot the building by our shared tenant’s sign, DMG Dental.  Health and Wellness institute occupies the first floor.

We hope to see you soon!


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