Dr. John Catanzaro

john**Dr. John is not currently practicing but is on site as a nutritional counselor and patient advocate. If you need a prayer for your health, he is here for you so come on in and pray with Dr. John.**

Dr. John Catanzaro is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. His alma mater is Bastyr University, a leading medical university specializing in integrative and alternative medicine.

Dr. Catanzaro is CEO and President of The Health and Wellness Institute and is heavily studied in integrative oncology. He is also medical director of HWIFC Cancer Research Group, a not-for-profit movement.

He is the author of numerous articles and two books, namely Cancer: An Integrative Approach and Complete by the Master’s Touch. He has been featured on radio and media broadcasts including Consumer Magazine, KCIS Living Christian, and Campus Crusade for Christ radio. He was nominated best naturopathic physician by Seattle Magazine, and currently one of the top Naturopathic Doctors in the world according to RateMDS.com

He is married to Annamaria and has five children and three grandchildren.

You can find Dr. John on Facebook and Twitter.